The company group aims for fair and highly transparent management observant of compliance based on a consistent vision for the group, with the parent company, Hikari Tsushin, Inc., playing a role as holding company and leading the management of subsidiaries in various businesses.

The realization of rewarding workplaces

The company group has established an environment within which employees can engage in their jobs independently and with peace of mind.

Promotion of diversity
The company group conducts fair evaluations that are not bound by ethnicity, gender, nationality, creed, age or disability, etc., due to the thorough implementation of meritocracy.
Respect for human rights
The company group is working on the elimination of unfair discrimination and all forms of harassment so that everybody can work with peace of mind.
Pursuit of productivity
We pursue highly productive ways of working and prohibit long working hours and work on days off in principle.
[Reference] 124 days of holidays annually and 18 hours of overtime monthly on average (term ended March 2019)
Work-life balance
We have established a work environment that is easy to work in considerate of the work-life balance of employees, including flextime systems, childcare leave and shortened work hour systems, and support systems for returning to work after childbirth, etc. We have been certified as a next-generation supporting company by the Tokyo Labor Bureau and obtained the right to use the certification mark (nicknamed the “Kurumin” mark) under the Act on Advancement of Measures to Support Raising Next-Generation Children.
An environment where everybody can express themselves freely
We have established “opinion boxes” through which employees can transmit information directly to managers, including representatives, under their real names or anonymously. These opinions are put to use in the normalization of the work environment, etc.
Employee health management
The company group promotes health improvement activities including subsidies for vaccinations through its health insurance association.
Establishment of consultation windows
The company group has established consultation windows to handle employees’ troubles and anxieties over the future, etc., and are focusing on enabling employees to carry out activities in a healthy state, both physically and mentally.
Independence support system
The company group is providing systems that make independence support payments in accordance with the degree of contribution to the company during service to employees who wish to become independent aimed at further growth.

Social contribution activities

The company group is promoting social contribution activities for the creation of a more prosperous society while harmonizing with local society.

Economic contributions
The company group conducts business nationwide and the continuous growth in profits of the company group contributes to the economic growth of society overall, the creation of widespread employment and the activation of regional society.
Donation of shareholder benefits to Toshima-ku
The company group donates some of the shareholder benefits received from companies it invests in to Toshima-ku.
Toshima-ku Clean Plan activities
The company group has named the ninth of each month “Clean Day” and conducts cleaning activities in the vicinity of Ikebukuro Station. We were awarded a letter of thanks from Toshima-ku as a Fiscal Year 2016 Environmental Activity Promoting Company.
Collection of PET bottle caps
The company group supports the activities of the Ecocap Movement, an NPO that turns PET bottle caps into funds for purchasing vaccines.
Collection of used stamps
We donate used stamps to the Toshima-ku Social Welfare Council. The used stamps are converted into funds, which are then used in welfare projects.

Environmental protection

The company group is working on environmental protection activities for a sustainable global environment.

The core business of the company group is sales so the proportion of tangible fixed assets among total assets is extremely small.
Protection of water resources
The company group is revitalizing groundwater in mountain forests for the maintenance of water resources and groundwater.
In principle, when purchasing assets such as fixtures and fittings, etc., the company group selects from among used items. In addition, we provide reuse shelves on which employees can share stationery and office supplies, etc., to reduce waste items at the same time as keeping the purchasing of new items down.
Use of LED lighting
The company group is making efforts to use low power consuming LED lighting.
Paperless meetings
The company group is making efforts to change various meetings, including meetings of the Board of Directors, etc., to a paperless format.