President’s message

Since its establishment, Hikari Tsushin has been involved in the sale and promotion of various products and services to our customers, striving to contribute to society by supporting the growth of all of our stakeholders with measures that include: (1) improving customer convenience, (2) making valuable contributions to partners and clients, (3) enhancing the living standard of our employees, and (4) increasing the shareholder’s value of Hikari Tsushin.

In the drastically-shifting business environment, Hikari Tsushin has taken a medium- to long-term perspective to propose and implement strategies aligned with the circumstances of the times, in order to improve our sustainable corporate value. From here on, even as the social climate continues to change, we will follow the true nature of our company as we respond in a timely and appropriate manner to those changes, and dedicate ourselves to building an even stronger Hikari Tsushin.

Hikari Tsushin, Inc. President and Representative Director Hideaki Wada